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Help STOP SB 435 - Speak Out Today!

Nevada lawmakers are considering a bill (SB 435) that could cause significant problems for the claims settlement process, creating costs for insurers and potentially raising premiums for Nevada policy holders.

The only ones who stand to gain under SB 435 are trial lawyers, who are pushing legislators to roll back important reforms that our industry has fought to secure, all in an effort to increase their profits at the expense of hardworking Nevadans.

Legislators need to hear from us so they understand how this issue impacts their constituents. Please review and send the letter to your legislator below.

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Contact Your Michigan Lawmakers Today

The Michigan Legislature is considering legislation that would reform Michigan’s broken no-fault auto insurance system and help protect Michigan consumers by cracking down on fraud and abuse, which may lower insurance premiums.

While we support the Senate’s original version of their bill, the House version—HB 4397—contains a number of provisions that would weaken the effort to reform Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system.

Michigan drivers pay the highest auto insurance premiums in the country thanks in part to our dysfunctional auto no-fault system which requires drivers to purchase unlimited, lifetime medical benefits with their auto insurance policy. Our representatives need to hear from local insurers whose customers are demanding real reform, not a watered-down approach.

Tell lawmakers in Lansing to pass real no-fault auto insurance reform by removing these misguided provisions from HB 4397. Please review and send the letter to your legislator below.

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Help Stop Distracted Driving in North Carolina!

Lawmakers in Raleigh are considering legislation (HB 144)—the Hands-Free NC Act. If passed, HB 144 would:

  • Prohibit using a handheld electronic device while operating a vehicle.
  • Prohibit watching, recording, or broadcasting photos while driving.
  • Allows drivers to still use “hands free” functions like speakerphone or bluetooth.

This bill seeks to reduce distracted driving, making North Carolina roads safer and saving lives. Tell your legislators to support HB 144 and help make North Carolina hands-free. Take a moment to review and send the letter to your legislators below.

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